Zeppe & Zikki

Zeppe design guideline

Zeppe design guideline

Zikki design guideline

Zikki design guideline

Zeppe & Zikki — character design guideline

Zeppe & Zikki characters, design guideline
Zeppe & Zikki's characters are well known and loved by kids in Belgium. The series aired first on the Belgian Flemish Television network VTM then on its French-speaking counterpart, RTL Télévision. Zeppe & Zikki is a program funded by the Loterie Nationale under the patronage of the IBSR (road police). Each episode revolves around road safety. The characters appear both as puppets and 2D animation in the show. They are also available as cuddly toys for kids, among other iterations.

Role: I designed the new visual guidelines for the pitch ahead of the 2D animation production. The brief was clear: the pair should be fun and attractive to kids and meet the production animation requirements.

Client: VTM + Levenslijn

Character Design

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