Hi, Yves here,
1 of the humans, pleased to meet you!

I design stories for people and brands

What am I doing now?

Designing stories for startups and established brands.
I am currently available for hire.


Mixing media at alternatyves because drawing is writing.
Storyboarding for series and feature films at Film Storyboards.


Going back to art school, taking drawing classes..
Learning Blender.
Learning to code in Python.
Reading a lot more.


Experimenting with ControlNet, Disco Diffusion, DALL-E, Midjourney, Stable Diffusion, and other text-to-image programs since now, writing is drawing, too (not really). Watch for upcoming series.

Other stuff

Plenty of other stuff going on with my {slow} side projects. But I'm still not telling you yet. Leave your email here if you want to be in the loop when something massyves happens.

Why now?

This page is inspired by Now, by Derek Sivers. Thanks, Derek!


Yves Capelle
call +32 (0) 475 41 83 27