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A “coming soon” page template for Jekyll

Soon is a simple “coming soon” page template built for Jekyll.

What’s in it?

Soon for Jekyll, screenshot

Coming soon page template for Jekyll, demo sample

Coming soon page template for Jekyll, sample

Coming soon page template for Jekyll, sample in use

Soon is a single static page with a full-screen image, nothing more. Remember those under construction sites? The point is to show a quick message or a temporary contact page to your visitors. Use this template for a few hours to a few days while you are building your site in the background. Since the page comes with a Jekyll environment, you can host it for free on GitHub.

Start Soon

Install Jekyll, clone the Soon repo, run cd soon then bundle exec jekyll serve commands in Terminal to check how it looks locally (localhost:4000). You can self-host or use GitHub pages to publish the site.

You just need to modify the _config and files with your site information to get the page up and running. Although it is just a starting point and you can change pretty much anything else. If you change the background image, don’t forget to link the new image in _layouts/default.html. You will find the background image in the images folder.

Soon comes with all the Jekyll starting folders. This means you can publish your Soon page and restyle, write and test your site locally. Once happy with your layouts for posts, pages, collections, and any other site assets, you can overwrite the original files and push your site online.

Get started

README or get Soon.

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