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Freelance starting kit.

Assignments, Invoices & Incomes Tracker Spreadsheet Template for Apple Numbers

The first is a free spreadsheet template for Apple Numbers, to help you keeping track of your past and future invoices and clients payments. The template is set in €, although it is easy to change that in Numbers should you need to invoice in another currency. It has a 21% VAT column which you can customize to your country’s percentage, remove or set to 0% if VAT doesn’t apply. The net earning column gives you an idea of your actual earnings . Check with your accountant which percentage best applies to you. Add or remove rows as you see fit. The template covers a full year.

Client Listing spreadsheet for Apple Numbers

The second Apple Numbers template is a free spreadsheet template to help you keep track of contacts and prospective clients. The first column is for your contact’s name, then its title. The fourth column is for the company industry field, say animation or publishing. Addresses, emails, phone and web details all have a column of their own. You can see at a glance if you have already worked together or if this is a new, potential client, when you contacted them, with a follow-up column and your response plan. Last, a column for notes. This template is useful for contractors who need keeping track of many prospects and contacts, i.e., illustrators.

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Invoice templates for Apple Pages

Invoicing your work is paramount to staying in business. You can use one of these free Apple Pages invoices templates to get started.

Payment reminder ⚡️ letter templates set

All this is great, but now you need to collect those invoices. This is a bit of a downer, sorry, but sooner or later, a freelancer experiences late payment. If you are unfortunat to have, say, a late-paying Belgian client this trio of past-due notice sample letters for Apple Pages will come in handy. Each letter has a humorous illustration provided courtesy of @alternatyves. Feel free to use any of these past due letter templates fearlessly, without attribution. Let’s increase the chances that your current and past late-paying clients clean their outstanding invoices!

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