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Templates Supply launch

Templates Supply is the new home to all the layouts I designed until now. In the coming months, I will release more designs there, including not film-related, like posters, portfolios, presentations, and more.

For a while now, I have distributed layout templates, starting with free storyboard templates available on Film Storyboards since 2010. In 2017, I started a small Gumroad shop for storyboards and film treatment templates: https://storyboards.gumroad.com/.

Adding templates for more purposes was in the back of my mind for some time: presentations, portfolios, posters, all kinds of layouts for freelancers, designers, illustrators, photographers, architects, and art directors. There is another Gumroad shop for that: https://alternatyves.gumroad.com/.

Today it is time to act on it, merge, and launch Templates Supply as a little side-project.

Template Supply home page

Template Supply, home page at launch

Designing the site

Features needed

Jekyll + Gumroad

Jekyll is a static site generator built in Ruby. Gumroad is an e-commerce platform for creators. Templates Supply is an e-commerce site with Gumroad integration build with Jekyll and Tachyons CSS. Adding Jekyll overlays or embed code in posts is straightforward with Jekyll. With a simple include, it can work with any site. But here, the entire theme design aims to work seamlessly with Gumroad.


Tachyons CSS toolkit was once again very convenient to design fast.

Custom variables

Being able to write custom variables is very handy for this type of site. Instead of using a plugin, a few hand-coded variables help sort through a single Jekyll collection by genre, price, software, or format.

Let’s start with Free templates since everyone likes free templates.

Then a few examples, sorted by Software:

InDesign Photoshop Illustrator Keynote Pages Numbers

You can also look for a storyboard template or a film treatment template, and so on.

Screen shots

Visit Templates Supply, to browse all the available templates in one place.

Open source

Get Supply

Please use and contribute to Supply, the theme behind the templates.supply site: Supply repo

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