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Confinement calendar

SARS-COV-2, the novel coronavirus that leads to COVID-19 illness, sucks.

This coloring calendar is a symbolic way to convey the idea that each day we spend in isolation makes the virus less damaging.

The calendar is for people living in areas under lockdown, and for those affected with symptoms who chose to spend time in self-isolation.

If you and your kids are counting the days until you can go outside again freely, this calendar is for you. The virus gets weaker as you cross out/color/tear up each day.

Stay home until the virus is gone.

There are two versions of the calendar: 30 days or 15 days quarantine.

30 days lockdown calendar

30 days lockdown calendar

15 days quarantine calendar

15 days quarantine calendar


You can download the calendar(s) here: Lockdown calendar

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Colors by Alma

Colours by Alma :-)
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