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Merch as a service

Starting in 2024, I’m offering a new service: merch as a service (MaaS). Picture it as a service for your company if you want to outsource

Design + Art Direction + Production

MaaS bundles design savoir-faire with rigorous art direction and the finest production. I work with a network of best suppliers to create original quality merchandise that people can proudly show off.

Deliverable / Range

Nothing is out of bounds: the offering ranges from apparel to 3D prints, edibles, toys, and custom-branded items. Whether you need high-quality branded gear for your team or fancy clothes with NFC tags, I am happy to design it all and follow the whole creation process up to the delivery to your door. Whether you want your 3D mascot projected in augmented reality or carved into chocolate, I am happy to help. If you know what you want, fill in this form to ask for a quote. If you are still thinking and want to discuss, please schedule a meeting. We will work together and come up with the finest ideas.

Physical merch:

Anything you want: apparel, custom tees, hoodies, hats, shoes, figurines, toys.


🛍️ Order your custom merch.

Are you thinking about merch for your company? I can take on all your brand needs, from conception to art direction, design, and delivery. So, if you are looking for original swag, not the kind that employees and clients throw away without a second thought after the event, please call me or drop me a line.

Schedule a meeting to discuss your merch.

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